Happy Easter


Easter this year was pretty low key.  C1 still isn’t old enough to really understand what’s going on.

On Saturday (before Easter) we packed a lunch and we all went to the part to have a picnic.  The weather is warming back up, so it was nice to be outside.  After lunch I dumped the bag of candy filled eggs out onto the grass and then we let C1 pick them back up.

I think for him it was more of a clean up game, but he did find some prizes inside the eggs.  He would pick up a few and be distracted by the playground and the other kids out playing.

A day or two after Easter we were grocery shopping, and decided to get C1 an Easter Basket on sale, so we put a few things in and the ball was and still is his favorite.  I’m sure next year will be more exciting, but it was still great to spend some time as a family.

On Sunday, we invited some people over who are just moving into the area.  We made a traditional Easter ham with sweet mashed potatoes and rolls.  However this year we added to the menu, because in the family that came, one was Vegan, and another was allergic to gluten.  So we also had rice and Brazilian beans (super yummy).  I enjoy having people over to our house, mostly because it really forces me to do a better job of cleaning.


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