Oh, Wow.


It’s been 3 weeks since my last post.  Sorry.

I’ve been a little lost/out of it.  Hopefully it was all for a good reason.  I mostly took a nap when ever C1 did, so I wasn’t terribly productive these past few weeks.  I do have some things to post about, so I should be able to get back on track this up coming week.   My goal is to post every week day, so I may take this weekend to pre-write some of my posts about the few things I have worked on.  We’ve had some fun and have some fun up ahead of us as well.

Because I don’t like posting without a picture, feast your eyes on this: Rules of the Home:

I found it on pintrest, but apparently didn’t pin it myself, so I can’t link back to the designer.  I’m so sorry designer.  If you know who it is, let me know so I can credit them properly.   I may see if I can adjust the colors in Photoshop and hang it in the kids room or play room one day.

AAAAHHHHH it’s Friday the 13th!


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