My Son, the Goober


C1 have been loving climbing onto the toilet and play with anything within his reach.  Usually this is annoying when we’re in the bathroom trying to get ready for the day, moving every out of his way, but also trying to use it.  We don’t have any counter top, so we use the back of the toilet to hold things we use regularly.  Sometimes when we’re in another room, he’ll climb onto the toilet and can’t seem to get down, so he’ll cry for us to come help him down.  Well, the other day I heard the cry for help, and was annoyed that he was playing in the bathroom at all, until I walked in and he was here:

I couldn’t help but laugh.  C1 was sitting in the sink, stuck.  I yelled for Hubby to get the camera.  He was enjoying playing with the shower curtain and playing with anything he could while stuck in the sink.  He enjoys climbing on things, which is why I take him to Gymboree, but at home, it’s not so appropriate.  Kids will be kids.  I love him anyway.


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