Crayon Rolls


I am loving crayon rolls.  I’ve always favored crayons over anything else.  The cardboard boxes seem to fall apart before the crayons are gone, so these crayon rolls are perfect to store your crayons.

I tend to make a lot of dresses, so I thought it was time to make something for boys.  I was also sorting out my scraps and using them  up, they were starting to over power my storage.

These are such great fabrics for boys.  On top we have some dinosaurs with a teeth print pocket.  Middle is blue dragons with flames and on bottom is all teeth to chomp your crayons when not in use.

The top and bottom hold 16 crayons each and the dragon print holds 15 crayons.  Insert crayons, roll it up and quickly wrap the elastic around to keep it closed.  Great for kids on the go, throw it in your bag and have entertainment where ever you go.  Find these in the SHOP, great for gifts as well.


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