Mitt Romney


I am far from a political person.  Hubby follows politics, but I know nothing about it and all I ever do with politics is vote.  But today was Awesome.  Hubby got invited to a fundraiser lunch for Mitt Romney at the Hilton and was allowed two guests.  So, we got a babysitter and took a friend to meet and greet and hopefully make some new friends for our future career.  We met some Romney supporters from around the area and chatted with lots of people.  We then got to sit down to this wonderful lunch (high priced per plate kind of deal).  The dessert was my favorite part.  Red Velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting with berries.

We listened to Romney speak, then answer a few questions.  His wife said a few words in the opening.

I enjoyed listening to him speak even though I don’t follow politics at all.  At the end of the event, we got to shake hands with him.  It was exciting for me, like shaking the hand of a celebrity.  Who knows, I may have shook the hand of our future President of the United States. We forgot to have someone take my picture while I was shaking his hand, so I just stood there after and got him in the background, but I really did shake his hand.

I asked Mitt Romney if he remembered my Great Aunt and her husband, (I said their names, but I don’t want to share names on here), and he remembered them and told me to tell them “Hello”.  They use to work in Government back in the day.  My Great Uncle has passed away quite some time ago.  My family knows his, and now I’ve met him personally too.

It gave me a little bit of an excitement ‘high’ being there today.  He’s a great man, and if I may put in a small plug, that I think he will make a great President.  Vote.  Being there today also made me very grateful that Hubby is never going to be a politician.  I don’t think I could handle being a politician’s wife.  I’m happy with the way my life is going now and the things we have planned for our future.


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