A day for Green


We’re not Irish.  Although I have been to Ireland, and it is Beautiful!  I would love to go again.  We don’t really pretend to be Irish, St. Patrick’s Day for us is an excuse to wear green and make Corned Beef for dinner.  Hubby is great in the kitchen and loves to experiment.  It’s becoming tradition for him to make Corned Beef and cabbage for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day.

For Breakfast we had green pancakes and green scrambled eggs.  Oh, and Hubby got me flowers a few days before just because he loves me.

My Cousin drove down from Wisconsin and joined in on the festivities.  We saw the river as you saw previously.  My cousin and I are just 6 months apart in age.  It’s great to have a cousin to hang out with.

We enjoyed some time playing in front of the “Bean” statue.  We saw other people doing “jump” photos, so we wanted to give it a try as well.  Here’s our best shot, however, the guy behind me was walking by at the right moment and it looks like my legs are down.  oops.

We then fought the crowds to try to see the parade.  We’ve been to see the parade a few times, but it has never been as crowded as it was this year.  We walked a lot, and still didn’t ever get a great view of the parade.  SO many Stinken’ People!  But I did randomly hand out some of my business cards to mothers I saw.  Hopefully they spread the word about my Shop.

And as I said before we had corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Complimented with soda bread and green lemon-aid.

I love holidays.  Any excuse to have a good time is always a good time at our house.



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