We love the Park


This is what we’ve been up to for the past few days.  We have been soaking up the 70*-80* weather at the park.  We take Daisy to the park to chase the ball.  C1 loves to use our “chuck-it” to throw the ball for Daisy, but he’s not coordinated enough, so we have to help him, but he won’t let go of the thing.  C1 enjoys playing in the bark and sitting on the slide.  I love this type of weather and I love that it’s only March.  I foresee a great summer ahead of us.  Some good times at the beach and park will be had.

The past few days C1 has been marching around.  We’ve been learning about marching at Gymboree and he’s catching on and practicing at home.  March is an appropriate month to learn how to march.  I love this kid so much.


I love the comments we get at the park when C1 is covered in mud, all over his face and hands.  Quite frankly, I don’t mind that he’s dirty.  He’s a boy, he’s young, that’s what he’s suppose to do.  This is why we invented the bath; to get clean.


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