Baby / Toddler Dress


I don’t recall where I got this pattern from.  It’s a new habit of mine to write the blog name on the patterns if they have not done so.  I like to credit where my ideas come from.  This dress ties with leaf shaped ties at the shoulders.  It also ruffles at the waist line for a fun airy feel.

This isn’t my favorite dress.  I think it’s missing something, but I just can’t tell what I need to add.  I hope you like it because it’s in the Shop.  Size 3T.  Ready for Spring and Summer.

I wish I knew children I could use as models so I can have pictures on my site of a chile wearing these items.  This way you can see how it might fit on your own child.


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  1. You could put a white ribbon and/or a white flower on the dress either on the left side on top or the ribbon with the flower around the waist…just for some ideas if you’d like! 😉

  2. Love the dress. Can’t tell if the flowers are a pale pink or not. I think it would be cute to put some small, pink buttons in the center of some of the flowers, at least on the bodice.

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