I had made this bow, but not sure how it would sell, so I gifted it to a friend who is about to have a baby girl.  She already has a boy, so I asked her if she wanted it as a bow tie for her boy, or as a head band for her girl, and she chose the head band for her girl.  I inserted the elastic and wasn’t sure if I made it a decent size or not, I had to try it on C1.

Being a winter baby, he’s been wearing hats and such for a while, so he really quite enjoys having things on his head.  I think this bow turned out so cute.  I just wish I had more of that fabric to make a matching dress.  C1 loves it too; can you tell…..

What a happy boy.  Here you can get a little taste of how long his eyelashes are.  He has super long eyelashes; I just hope my girls get them too.


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