Sleeping in the Car


I haven’t posted much about C1 since I’ve opened the shop.  I have been very busy sewing things for the shop and building up my supply.  C1 is such a great kid (most of the time).  He’s so much fun and lovable.  When I sit up straight to see him in the mirror, he too will perk up his head to see me in the mirror.  I love it.

C1 doesn’t sleep too often in the car.  He loves his new car seat and being able to see out the windows.  This looks so awkward.   There’s got to be something for them to not have to sleep like this in the car.

As you can see this was shortly after he fell on his nose.  It’s still bright red in the pictures.  Now, it’s sort of red, but not too noticeable.  Sometimes I feel I love him the most when he’s asleep; but that’s not really true, I love him lots all the time.


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