Finish What You Start


It seems as though when ever I talk with  my Mom, I’m asking about what project she’s finishing.  She has a lot of things she would love to make, but not always time to do them.  She also seems to start a lot of projects and never finish them.  Some will be very close to done, but still sitting in her pile of projects.  I love to go visit and push her to finish projects.  I think she appreciates it a little bit too, because I know how good it feels to finish a project.  Last week after talking to her about her projects, I thought, I know I too have a bunch of projects started, what’s stopping me from finishing them?  I’m noticing that most of my projects on hold are quilts.  After sorting through my project drawers I found 6 baby size quilts that just need to be quilted and bound to be finished!  I just need to go get some batting and I’ll have about 4 baby quilts in the shop.  Some of them I do want to keep, but others, I simply just wanted to make.

I made some progress on a circle jean quilt that I’ve been working on for about a year now.  Two quilts that I have the fabric and pattern picked, but haven’t started cutting yet.  And a few others that I have fabric for, but no design yet.  I’m also almost done with my Jenny’s Garden Queen size bed quilt.  I’ll also be making pillow shams with this one because it’s for my bed.

Quilting is great, and I enjoy doing them, however they take me longer because sometimes I get a little bored with them.  I stop and make dresses, or other smaller projects because I get the thrill out of the finish.  Then I start another quilt and forget about the one I already started.


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