His First Scrape


Nobody likes to see their kids get hurt or sick.  I don’t look forward to ever taking a child to the ER or having a broken bone.  Yet, I know it will most likely happen someday.

The day came when C1 got his first scrape, thus first scab.  It broke my heart.  We were outside on the sidewalk, he loves to walk on his own instead of ride in the stroller.  He was trying to run and was doing ok, until he stumbled.  He put his hands out to catch himself, but was going so fast, he landed more on his nose instead.  Little scrape between his eyes, and a round spot on his forehead.

We gave him some bread to help calm him down.  He actually didn’t cry for long.  He’s a tough boy.  However the band-aid had a hard time staying on, but the ointment really did help a lot.

C1 was 13 months old when he got his first scrape.  I’d say not too bad.  It’s taken a week for it to scab and the scab come off.  It’s still slightly red on his nose.  We joked with my MIL about naming him Rudolph.  Now with his red nose, maybe it would have been appropriate.  *someone changed the lighting settings on my camera, so, sorry for the blueness of the pictures.


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