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My Son, the Goober


C1 have been loving climbing onto the toilet and play with anything within his reach.  Usually this is annoying when we’re in the bathroom trying to get ready for the day, moving every out of his way, but also trying to use it.  We don’t have any counter top, so we use the back of the toilet to hold things we use regularly.  Sometimes when we’re in another room, he’ll climb onto the toilet and can’t seem to get down, so he’ll cry for us to come help him down.  Well, the other day I heard the cry for help, and was annoyed that he was playing in the bathroom at all, until I walked in and he was here:

I couldn’t help but laugh.  C1 was sitting in the sink, stuck.  I yelled for Hubby to get the camera.  He was enjoying playing with the shower curtain and playing with anything he could while stuck in the sink.  He enjoys climbing on things, which is why I take him to Gymboree, but at home, it’s not so appropriate.  Kids will be kids.  I love him anyway.

Crayon Rolls


I am loving crayon rolls.  I’ve always favored crayons over anything else.  The cardboard boxes seem to fall apart before the crayons are gone, so these crayon rolls are perfect to store your crayons.

I tend to make a lot of dresses, so I thought it was time to make something for boys.  I was also sorting out my scraps and using them  up, they were starting to over power my storage.

These are such great fabrics for boys.  On top we have some dinosaurs with a teeth print pocket.  Middle is blue dragons with flames and on bottom is all teeth to chomp your crayons when not in use.

The top and bottom hold 16 crayons each and the dragon print holds 15 crayons.  Insert crayons, roll it up and quickly wrap the elastic around to keep it closed.  Great for kids on the go, throw it in your bag and have entertainment where ever you go.  Find these in the SHOP, great for gifts as well.

Reversible Wrap Dress


This dress wraps in the front and ties on each side for closure.

Green with pink flowers with pink on the reverse side.  Ties with Green ribbon.

Size 0-3 months.  It’s in the SHOP for sale.

Such a cute dress.  It just needs a cute little body to be in it.

Mitt Romney


I am far from a political person.  Hubby follows politics, but I know nothing about it and all I ever do with politics is vote.  But today was Awesome.  Hubby got invited to a fundraiser lunch for Mitt Romney at the Hilton and was allowed two guests.  So, we got a babysitter and took a friend to meet and greet and hopefully make some new friends for our future career.  We met some Romney supporters from around the area and chatted with lots of people.  We then got to sit down to this wonderful lunch (high priced per plate kind of deal).  The dessert was my favorite part.  Red Velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting with berries.

We listened to Romney speak, then answer a few questions.  His wife said a few words in the opening.

I enjoyed listening to him speak even though I don’t follow politics at all.  At the end of the event, we got to shake hands with him.  It was exciting for me, like shaking the hand of a celebrity.  Who knows, I may have shook the hand of our future President of the United States. We forgot to have someone take my picture while I was shaking his hand, so I just stood there after and got him in the background, but I really did shake his hand.

I asked Mitt Romney if he remembered my Great Aunt and her husband, (I said their names, but I don’t want to share names on here), and he remembered them and told me to tell them “Hello”.  They use to work in Government back in the day.  My Great Uncle has passed away quite some time ago.  My family knows his, and now I’ve met him personally too.

It gave me a little bit of an excitement ‘high’ being there today.  He’s a great man, and if I may put in a small plug, that I think he will make a great President.  Vote.  Being there today also made me very grateful that Hubby is never going to be a politician.  I don’t think I could handle being a politician’s wife.  I’m happy with the way my life is going now and the things we have planned for our future.

A day for Green


We’re not Irish.  Although I have been to Ireland, and it is Beautiful!  I would love to go again.  We don’t really pretend to be Irish, St. Patrick’s Day for us is an excuse to wear green and make Corned Beef for dinner.  Hubby is great in the kitchen and loves to experiment.  It’s becoming tradition for him to make Corned Beef and cabbage for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day.

For Breakfast we had green pancakes and green scrambled eggs.  Oh, and Hubby got me flowers a few days before just because he loves me.

My Cousin drove down from Wisconsin and joined in on the festivities.  We saw the river as you saw previously.  My cousin and I are just 6 months apart in age.  It’s great to have a cousin to hang out with.

We enjoyed some time playing in front of the “Bean” statue.  We saw other people doing “jump” photos, so we wanted to give it a try as well.  Here’s our best shot, however, the guy behind me was walking by at the right moment and it looks like my legs are down.  oops.

We then fought the crowds to try to see the parade.  We’ve been to see the parade a few times, but it has never been as crowded as it was this year.  We walked a lot, and still didn’t ever get a great view of the parade.  SO many Stinken’ People!  But I did randomly hand out some of my business cards to mothers I saw.  Hopefully they spread the word about my Shop.

And as I said before we had corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Complimented with soda bread and green lemon-aid.

I love holidays.  Any excuse to have a good time is always a good time at our house.


We love the Park


This is what we’ve been up to for the past few days.  We have been soaking up the 70*-80* weather at the park.  We take Daisy to the park to chase the ball.  C1 loves to use our “chuck-it” to throw the ball for Daisy, but he’s not coordinated enough, so we have to help him, but he won’t let go of the thing.  C1 enjoys playing in the bark and sitting on the slide.  I love this type of weather and I love that it’s only March.  I foresee a great summer ahead of us.  Some good times at the beach and park will be had.

The past few days C1 has been marching around.  We’ve been learning about marching at Gymboree and he’s catching on and practicing at home.  March is an appropriate month to learn how to march.  I love this kid so much.


I love the comments we get at the park when C1 is covered in mud, all over his face and hands.  Quite frankly, I don’t mind that he’s dirty.  He’s a boy, he’s young, that’s what he’s suppose to do.  This is why we invented the bath; to get clean.