Vintage Plaid


When I was a babe, my Mom made clothes for my brothers and me.  She now has a stash of fabric from those days that is extra/left overs.  Every time I go to her house now, I grab a few fabrics and add them to my stash.  Sorry Mom, but you’re not using them, and I would love to use them.  This shirt I made is to match with the Pants with Pockets I recently made.  Fabric from the pants also came from my Mom’s stash.

I actually have plenty more of this fabric, so I’ve decided to put this shirt in the SHOP and make another one from the same fabric for my boy.  It’s a size 3T, go buy it quick before it’s gone.

Oh, and I made a matching bow to go with it as well.  This can either be made into a bow tie for a boy, or a head band for a girl.  Let me know what you want me to finish it as and age it’s for; it’s also in the SHOP.


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