Dress Pattern from the 60’s


I know, your sick of looking at pictures and hearing about our trip to the Mall of America. Good news, that’s it, I have no more to say about that trip and we’re finally moving on to some things I’ve been making.

I found this pattern at a thrift store and thought I’d give it a go. What I didn’t look at was the sizing on the pattern. I didn’t realize that ‘back then’ they only made one size on patterns. So, I now have a children’s size 7 dress. I love the dress and think it’s super cute. I now just need to learn how to make things different sizes.
This dress is pretty easy to make.  I mean seriously, there is only 3 pattern pieces.  Well, I am struggling a bit with the neck/collar.  I’m loving how it’s turned out though.  I do know enough to lengthen a pattern to make the dress longer.  I know in the 60’s they seemed to like their things kind of short, so I added about 3 inches to the length and hope it works for any 7 year old.  I had the perfect fabric for this dress as well.  You may remember This Shirt my Mom helped make for C1.

When I show people the dress they immediately know what era it’s from, but the fabric is actually from a modern designer.  I’ve also decided I need to start making things that will fit my friends’ kids, or make friends with kids of various ages.  I like having someone try on things I’ve made to make sure I did it right and the fit is good, but I apparently only know Mom’s of boys.  Or if they do have a girl, they are never the right age.  Very few girls around here it seems.

I love how this dress turned out.  I’m thinking of adding a white scalloped pocket near the waist, or if it needs to be even longer a scallop in white along the bottom.  Once I get the collar just right I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this.  I have a niece that might fit into it.  I could hand it down to her, then get it back when I have a girl.  Or I could sell it in my shop.  Or I could just put it away in the large box of all the other girl clothes I’ve been collecting over the years.


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