MOA : 5


One day we decided to take the metro to downtown.

It was a bust.  Downtown is even smaller than the neighborhood we live in in Chicago (which is only a mile by a mile).

It was also a bummer because we went at 10am and nothing was open.  Even the indoor sidewalks they have weren’t all open.  Although with the cold, it was nice to have any indoor sidewalks.

The most exciting thing was seeing this Mary Tyler Moore statue.

Although, I still find it exciting to ride public transpiration.   It makes me feel more mature or something.

So for most of the rest of Sunday (our last day there) we went back to MOA and walked around a ton more.

Here’s a bad shot of the amusement park in the middle of the mall.  For the weekend we became Mall Walkers.

And this completes our tour of the Mall of America.  It was nice and relaxing because we didn’t have anywhere to be at any given time.  We could go as slow or quick as we liked.  Hubby didn’t work while we were out (he usually tries to sneak work in on vacation).  It was a great trip and MOA is some place I wanted to go, just to say I have been.  Thanks for bearing with me about our trip.  I’m not the best writer and I don’t take the best pictures.  So thank you for reading.

***I’ve got some exciting things coming up on the blog and hope you’ll keep following along with me.  I’ve got some great projects to show you!


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