Mall of America : 3


The first thing we saw when we walked into the doors was the LEGO store.

I love Legos.  My brother had a tub full of them as kids.  He did cool stuff with them.  The things they had on display at (on) the store were amazing!

That would be a pretty awesome job.  Build these awesome sculptures with legos.  Lots of planning I’m sure.

While I don’t love having little toys around (I just don’t understand polly pockets.  Too tiny and easily lost).  And to me Legos do classify as tiny toys, but the creativity that goes with it, I approve of our kids having Legos.  C1 will have to wait until he’s out of the “put everything in my mouth” phase of life.

Larger than life Lego Woody.  I think C1 is digging the possibilities of Legos.

Lego art.  This is simply AMAZING.  I told Hubby that this is the same thing as making a quilt, and he now things I should make quilts like this.

Boat on water from afar:

Close up of the boat.  Simply wonderful.  I’d hang something like this in my house.  All in all – two thumbs up for legos in our future.


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