Mall of America : 2


We did a lot of walking at MOA (Mall of America).  We started with the first floor.  Walked around the amusement park in the center of the mall.  We walked around to see all the stores there were.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and it took us ’till dinner time to get most of the first floor covered and figured out.

In the amusemnt park we saw Sponge Bob Square Pants.  C1 was amazed at the big yellow character.  He has no idea who that is, but he enjoyed looking.

We would pop into a store if something stuck our fancy.  Mostly it was me asking to go in to any store.  We talked about how we wished our bodies looked and how we wished we could wear certain types of clothes.  But we also talked about how weird some of the fashions are and how we think that nobody should be wearing hot colors.  It wasn’t attractive in the 80’s when it first was popular, and it isn’t attractive now.

Toward the end of the day C1 didn’t want to ride in the stroller any longer and we got tired of carrying him, so we would let him walk.  The only store he stopped to look in the window was Build A Bear Workshop.  We walked passed the door and he didn’t want to go in, just look through the windows.  He had so much fun walking around.  We made sure to keep a close eye on him or stay close when he walked.  So many people, we didn’t want a lost boy.

He was really funny when he walked.  He was in such a good mood or something, because he would sort of dance or have a bounce in his step when he walked.  He would raise his arms and he sang as he walked.  Da-da-da-da-da.

We stopped to play with a crab.  The owner helped C1 hold a crab.  I was worried he would squish it, so I put C1’s hand face down, but the owner trusted him enough to put it in his palm.  Didn’t seem to phase C1 a bit.   I was nervous, but I just don’t like creepy crawly things.  Apparently you blow on a crab to get it to come out of it’s shell.

Dick’s Last Resort is a restaurant.  We didn’t eat here, not enough meals in the days.  But it’s the kind of place where they are rude to you on purpose.  Seemed like quite the experience, but other places were higher on our list to eat at.

Up and down the escalators was one of C1’s favorite parts of the whole trip.  He quite enjoyed ridding them.  Well, he also quite enjoyed ridding on Daddy’s shoulders.  What a lucky/loved boy he is. On Saturday we went back to MOA and finished seeing everything on the first floor.  We were able to see everything on the second floor and get a jump start on the third floor of the mall.  Sunday we went to downtown Minneapolis and then finished the third and fourth floor of the mall.  We opted to go downtown instead of to the Aquarium “Sea Life”.  Sea Life would have been cooler, but also cost a lot more.


Still to come…Where we ate; Lego Store and Downtown.


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