Mall of America : 1


For Valentines Day we took a weekend trip to Mall of America.  My hubby loves me so much he’ll spend 3 days shopping with me.  I am not much of a Mall kind of person, never have been, and I really don’t like clothes shopping, it makes me depressed.  We had a great time roaming the mall for days.  It is pretty big, but not quite as big as we expected.  We got lots of walking in.

When we checked in the hotel we asked for a pack and play, but we never got it.  We never followed up about it because there really wasn’t room for one anyway.  Plus it was nice to have him in another room.  However this limited late night potty breaks.  A blanket and 5-6 pillows in the bathtub makes a great bed.  He didn’t even climb out or turn on the water.

This guy is such fun.  We waited until after his morning nap to go to the mall.  We went back to the hotel for his afternoon nap, then we went back to the mall for dinner and some more walking.  Our hotel was right across the street, so it wasn’t bad walking.  A bit chilli, but nothing a coat and scarf couldn’t fix.


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