Mini Fabric Bolts: Tutorial


Comic book backs make great mini bolts of fabric for at home storage!  I love to organize, but when it came to my fabric, I couldn’t think of a solution that worked for me.  I tried all sorts of shelving, stacking,nothing worked.  When ever I got fabric out to use I had to mess everything up and I couldn’t see half my stash.  I apparently have a ton of fat quarters.  As I mentioned I ordered 200 (2 packs) of comic book boards and got started right away on making my mini bolts.  From what I hear this is a great solution for anywhere between 1/2 a yard to 5 yards.  Anything smaller or bigger won’t quite work.

With 45″ wide fabric it was easy.  Fold fabric in half with salvage edges together (just like it came off the bolt from the store).  Then fold it in half again the same way.  This will make your fabric the right size for wrapping around the board.

Then just start wrapping until all your fabric is on the board.  You can fold one corner up to hide all the raw edges.

Pin the ends so the don’t come undone and place it on your shelf.

If your fabric is wider than 45″ then I suggest folding the fabric first in half like before; but then into thirds to about the size of the board.

Then wrap your fabric onto the board.  Easy as that.

My bookshelves are from IKEA and I can fit my fabrics quite nicely.  However, I have jam packed them in there so it’s a little hard to get things in and out, because I put so many on each shelf.  To the left side I have my heavier weight fabrics and my fat quarters.  I also have stored my patterns, scraps and notions.

To fold a fat quarter: fold in half

and in half again the same direction

fold each end toward the center

fold in half to hid all raw edges

Nice and neat and all by color.

Now if only I can figure out how to organize my sheets, clothing and large scraps.  Those I guess will have to remain messy a bit.  One shelf of mess compared to all shelves of mess is much better.  Enjoy your newly organized fabric and love how clean it all looks.


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