Infant Peasant Dress


I LOVE finding free patterns; but if I ever open an Etsy shop, then I’m not sure the rules on selling things I make from free patterns.  I’m very open to selling anything I make or make anything you’d like to buy.  When I get free patterns I try my best to always credit the designer.  This dress comes from Sew Much Ado.  It’s so tiny and makes me want to have a baby girl so bad.  This is size 0-3 months (8-12 pounds).

I enjoy making things for C1, and I have some fabric for shirts for him, but dresses are so much quicker and cuter than anything boy.  Sorry boy-o.  I do have a project I’m working on for him, but I need a zipper, so until I get a zipper I can’t finish it quite yet.  I needed something for the bottom of the dress, and in hind sight I should have added a layer of another fabric, but instead I decided to do a fancy stitching in orange.


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