The Sundae Dress


I bought this pattern from OwlyBaby and have made it a few times now.  This dress is a size 24m – 2T.  I made some for my nieces a while back.  I also purchased this fabric a while back, knowing I wanted to make this dress with it.  I have also done one pattern test for OwlyBaby.  I like her patterns and have quite a few of her patterns in my stash; this jacket was from her pattern as well.  You should go check her out.


I seem to be making quite a few dresses lately.  If you read into my making dresses, you would probably guess that I’m pregnant with a girl, but alas, I’m not pregnant at all.  😦  Hopefully one day I’ll have a girl so she can wear all these dresses I’m making.

I actually didn’t have a hook and eye to finish the back of the dress, but a friend let me have one from her stash.  What a life saver!  Craft stores around here are not close and it’s quite an outing to get to one, so thank you friend for letting me have from your stash.


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