He Wears the Pants


I’ve been making a lot of pants lately for C1.  I used the pattern from danamadeit.com and think that so far, I like her pattern the best.  I love how simple, quick and versatile pants can be.  Dana shows you how to add lining to pants for the cold winters, how to add pockets, to make a flat front, make shorts, knee pads.  I dared to do two new things with this pair of pants.  I did her flat front to make it look less baby so C1 can wear these to church.  I also added pockets.  Since these are a size 2-3T I know that C1 will want to put things in pockets, and he can only do so if he HAS pockets.  I like this type of pocket because it’s very simple.  Maybe in the future I’ll do a more ‘real’ pocket on his pants.  I also left the bottoms un hemmed.  I don’t know how tall he’ll be, so I’ll do that once he starts wearing them in another year or so.  *I also like following her tutorials, because she reminds me to add my tag.  That’s one thing I seem to always forget.  Like on these pants I remembered my tag, but I forgot to add a tag for the size.


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