January Goal Review


I have a few goals each month that I’ve set to work toward my 101 in 1001.

Make 2 Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt squares each week:  These got addicting and I made quite a few more.  I was aiming for 9 and I made 11.  I already have 3 more done for the month of February.

Make 1 Be Attitudes square each month:  I was so wrought on what fabrics to be using.  I went through my scraps for the applique pieces and still very unsure with my choices.  I took it to my Mom with a plea for advice.  I switched out a few fabrics and got all the applique pieces cut and with fusible webbing on them ready to applique.  She also helped my decide what fabrics to use for the background log cabins.  I just need to cut out the log cabin pieces each month, sew it together and stitch around my applique.  I’m actually hopeful I can get this done by mid year instead of end of year.

Read 5 pages from the Book of Mormon each day.  I missed an entire week completely and I’m not great about remembering every day.  I’m suppose to be on page 160, but I’m only on page 99.  Not too bad, but not where I set forth to be either.

DigiScrapbook the same month from the precious year.  Once I looked to get started on this my digital paper was all disorganized and I couldn’t find what I wanted.  January was a busy month last year because that’s when C1 was born.  So I decided to start with February; I only got 1 page done and I should have at least 8 or so for the whole month.  I need to take the time to organize my paper and embellishments, so it’s more enjoyable to work on this digi scrapbook.

January had a bonus goal; Nothing New; to stop me from spending money needlessly.  I did really pretty well on this.  I didn’t follow my rules exactly, and I did spend at least $60 on fabric I hadn’t planned on buying.  But it was something I was keeping my eye out for and hadn’t seen it at my regular shops.  Now I have another quilt I want to make.  I’m in the works of designing how I’d like it to look.  Decisions, decisions.


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