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Gender Neutral Bow


I’ve been making a few bows lately and decided to leave them unfinished.  I think that theses bows would look cute on a boy (bow tie) or a girl (head band).  A friend of mine got the red one, and since she’s having a baby girl, she wanted it as a head band.  I love that these bow can go either way.

To become a bow tie, I add velcro to the strap.

To become a head band I add elastic to the strap.

The bottom two bows are in the shop.  Now, not only do I need to make some more, I need to remember to take photos while the sun is out; my indoor lighting is horrible.

Vintage Plaid


When I was a babe, my Mom made clothes for my brothers and me.  She now has a stash of fabric from those days that is extra/left overs.  Every time I go to her house now, I grab a few fabrics and add them to my stash.  Sorry Mom, but you’re not using them, and I would love to use them.  This shirt I made is to match with the Pants with Pockets I recently made.  Fabric from the pants also came from my Mom’s stash.

I actually have plenty more of this fabric, so I’ve decided to put this shirt in the SHOP and make another one from the same fabric for my boy.  It’s a size 3T, go buy it quick before it’s gone.

Oh, and I made a matching bow to go with it as well.  This can either be made into a bow tie for a boy, or a head band for a girl.  Let me know what you want me to finish it as and age it’s for; it’s also in the SHOP.

Yellow Skirt & Tie


A friend of mine has twins, adorable twins.  They are 3 years old and one is a boy and one is a girl.  Once she learned that I was selling things I make, she asked me to make a matching skirt and tie for her twins.  She searched through my stash of fabric and picked out what she wanted and I got right to making them.

This yellow fabric that she picked is kind of thin and I wanted the skirt to not be see through in any way, so I did a double layer.  Which meant that I didn’t need to do a bottom hem and that it’s reversible.  I measured her kids and did a simple gathered skirt.  The tie was a basic tie with a neck strap with velcro.  Change the knot and the length of the back tail of the tie and it grows with her boy.

I think there turned out really well and love that she has matching for her twins.  I even got to see them wear it to church and it looked so good on them.

I would love to list clothing in my shop, but I don’t know what size people will want.  Too many variables for clothes.  Oh, well, just make it and do it.  If it doesn’t sell, use it for my own kids I guess.  If you have a custom request let me know and I’ll whip it up for you.

Old to New


Since I’ve started making clothing and expanding my skills, I’ve been looking at old clothes in a new way.  I took one of Hubby’s old shirts and made it into a peasant dress, using the buttons as the front of the dress.  I found some matching fabric to make the bloomers and a flower to adorn the dress to make it more girly.  I’m really enjoying making clothes.  It’s in the SHOP, go check it out and buy it.

Don’t worry, it’s been thoroughly washed and cleaned before becoming a dress.

Change is Good


I’ve been making a lot of changes around here.  You may have noticed, but I’m ready to announce my big changes!

First off, I’m changing my blog name.  I will no longer be; I am now  You have until July to switch your RSS feed. will expire in July; but for now it automatically reroutes you to  Change your bookmarks, change your RSS feeds to and stay tuned with me and my crafty adventures.


Second, I’ve opened an Etsy shop!  There isn’t much in it now, but I’m working hard to make my inventory.  If you’ve seen it on the blog, then chances are it’s going in the shop.  If you’ve seen anything on the blog that you’d like me to make for you, just let me know and I can do a custom order for you.  The shop is called ThisMomMade: Custom Sewing for Home and Family  You can find it at  I’m excited to be opening a shop and hopefully by this summer I can have enough inventory to do my first booth at a festival/fair.  Check it out, tell your friends, buy stuff from the shop.


Third (and lastly) I’m getting myself some business cards.  I went through a company called and have enjoyed the process.  I was even able to view a sample of my card (Acrobat) before I paid for the whole batch.  I designed them to look like the blog.  I should be getting them in the mail in about a week.  I’ll have to let you know how I like them.

front of card

back of card

Starting this as a business is also the reason for the change in the blog name.  In the back of my head I thought about opening up a shop, or doing a booth, but thought it would happen toward the end of the year.  Well I started telling people that I make and sell things and had to dive in and get things off the ground.  So here we are, business started, with cards to hand out at fairs and to other people I know or meet.

Wish me luck in this endeavor and buy something from me.  Let me know what you want and I’ll get right on making it.  I’ve had 2 orders from friends already, and was able to get their items back in less than a week.

Dress Pattern from the 60’s


I know, your sick of looking at pictures and hearing about our trip to the Mall of America. Good news, that’s it, I have no more to say about that trip and we’re finally moving on to some things I’ve been making.

I found this pattern at a thrift store and thought I’d give it a go. What I didn’t look at was the sizing on the pattern. I didn’t realize that ‘back then’ they only made one size on patterns. So, I now have a children’s size 7 dress. I love the dress and think it’s super cute. I now just need to learn how to make things different sizes.
This dress is pretty easy to make.  I mean seriously, there is only 3 pattern pieces.  Well, I am struggling a bit with the neck/collar.  I’m loving how it’s turned out though.  I do know enough to lengthen a pattern to make the dress longer.  I know in the 60’s they seemed to like their things kind of short, so I added about 3 inches to the length and hope it works for any 7 year old.  I had the perfect fabric for this dress as well.  You may remember This Shirt my Mom helped make for C1.

When I show people the dress they immediately know what era it’s from, but the fabric is actually from a modern designer.  I’ve also decided I need to start making things that will fit my friends’ kids, or make friends with kids of various ages.  I like having someone try on things I’ve made to make sure I did it right and the fit is good, but I apparently only know Mom’s of boys.  Or if they do have a girl, they are never the right age.  Very few girls around here it seems.

I love how this dress turned out.  I’m thinking of adding a white scalloped pocket near the waist, or if it needs to be even longer a scallop in white along the bottom.  Once I get the collar just right I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this.  I have a niece that might fit into it.  I could hand it down to her, then get it back when I have a girl.  Or I could sell it in my shop.  Or I could just put it away in the large box of all the other girl clothes I’ve been collecting over the years.

MOA : 5


One day we decided to take the metro to downtown.

It was a bust.  Downtown is even smaller than the neighborhood we live in in Chicago (which is only a mile by a mile).

It was also a bummer because we went at 10am and nothing was open.  Even the indoor sidewalks they have weren’t all open.  Although with the cold, it was nice to have any indoor sidewalks.

The most exciting thing was seeing this Mary Tyler Moore statue.

Although, I still find it exciting to ride public transpiration.   It makes me feel more mature or something.

So for most of the rest of Sunday (our last day there) we went back to MOA and walked around a ton more.

Here’s a bad shot of the amusement park in the middle of the mall.  For the weekend we became Mall Walkers.

And this completes our tour of the Mall of America.  It was nice and relaxing because we didn’t have anywhere to be at any given time.  We could go as slow or quick as we liked.  Hubby didn’t work while we were out (he usually tries to sneak work in on vacation).  It was a great trip and MOA is some place I wanted to go, just to say I have been.  Thanks for bearing with me about our trip.  I’m not the best writer and I don’t take the best pictures.  So thank you for reading.

***I’ve got some exciting things coming up on the blog and hope you’ll keep following along with me.  I’ve got some great projects to show you!