First Birhtday Take 2


While visiting my Mom we wanted to celebrate C1’s birthday with my side of the family.  My brother and his family came over as well as my Aunt and Uncle.  We knew it would be a nice small party, so it was hard for me to get into my party mood.  Until 3 hours before the party was to start I didn’t know whether to make cupcakes or cookies.  Then it hit me to use balloons and make them look like ice cream in a cone.  (*I’ve searched the site and can’t find the post for this idea, but here is my PIN on Pintrest).

I decided an Ice Cream Party would be perfect.  We did a few balloons with the paper cone on them.  Baked cupcakes in a ice cream cone, had spare cones for actual ice cream.  I also cut out ice cream from paper and a cone to play pin the ice cream on the cone.  If I had done invites it would say “I scream You scream we all scream for C1”.  Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of anything except my boy and his cousins helping him blow out the candle.

Nice and small and simple.  Also all done in 3 hours; including going to the store to get all the supplies and baking the cupcakes.


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