Snowman Coasters


One of my Mom’s newest snowmen are these coasters.  The darker one with 4 snowmen is actually a candle coaster.  The smaller ones are mug coasters.  A simple project and great for on the road or relaxing in the evening.  The coaster pattern came from Rivertown Warehouse and can be found HERE.  They also have a bunch of other great felt projects, go check them out.


Felt in white, red and orange

Blue DMC thread

Step 1: Cut out two of the large circles in white

Step 2: cut two of the smaller circle in red

Step 3: cut one orange oval

Step 4: Blanket stitch the cheeks and nose onto one of the two white circles

Step 5: Straight stitch on the mouth and star stitch in the eyes

Step 6: Place the second white circle onto the back of your face and blanket stitch around the edge

Ta Da, you’re done. *to print the pattern pieces, click on the photo and print the page.


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