Snowman Wreath : tutorial


I’ve been seeing a ton of wreaths out in blog land and on pintrest.  My Mom has had this for years, and I haven’t seen it on the internet, so I’ve created a tutorial for you on how to make your own.  Complete with pattern pieces.



foam core board





newspaper or grocery sacks (something to stuff the mittens with)


Step 1:

Cut the foam core board in a circle.  Larger than the center of your wreath, but smaller than the outside.  We used floral wire to attach the foam board to the wreath, but you could also use yarn, or even glue it on.

Step 2:

Cut out your pattern pieces onto your choice of color foam.  As you can see we used black for the hat and eyes and orange for the nose.  We drew a few lines on the carrot nose to make it look more like a carrot and added some ribbon across the hat.

Step 3:

Glue all your pieces onto the foam board to make the snowman face.  Using buttons as the mouth.

Step 4:

Stuff your mittens with anything you’d like.  Batting, grocery sacks, or newspaper.  Adhere them to the wreath; with either wire/yarn or glue.

Step 5:

Tie a bow out of ribbon and attatch it to the wreath as well.


You’re all done!

*click on the patter pieces below and print.  It should be the right size.  If you have issues with it or any questions about the tutorial; leave me a comment or email me.  mycreativepear{at}gmail{dot}com


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