Snowman Week


This week I’ll be doing a theme of snowmen.

Since I can remember my Mom had different decorations for every month with each of the holidays.  I was so much fun every month to have decorations out for that holiday.  Well, as we all know some months aren’t obvious with what to decorate with.  January is New Year, but how do you really decorate for a month with New Year.  So, my Mom decided that January was to be decorated with Snowmen.  I love this idea because January is the bottom of winter and when the weather starts to turn around and go uphill toward warmer.  The snowmen melt and along comes February.

Our first round of snowmen is just a fraction of the items she has displayed in her home right now.  The tall detailed snowman with it’s dog.  The mug with a chocolate and graham cracker base.  The “let it snow” candle.

And my favorite is the bear.  My Mom got this as a gift, but I helped expand it’s possibilities.  On the bear’s tummy is a magnet and you can switch what the bear is ‘holding’ each month with it’s magnet.  Not only does my Mom now have one for every holiday, but she has a magnet for an anniversary and birthday too.


Snowman crafts to come, stay tuned!


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