Farmers Wife Quilt


I’ve said it many times recently that I want to make the quilt from the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book.  Well, the book comes with a CD of all the pattern pieces; 1 piece per page.  I wanted to print the patterns onto card stock, but didn’t want to use over 100 sheets for all the pattern pieces.  So, I moved them all into Photoshop and was able to condense all the pieces into 6 pages.  Between doing this and cutting out the pieces was a project all in itself.  I now have everything ready to go; patterns cut, fabric picked and I have the book.

I must say that making these squares is kind of addicting.  It’s only been two weeks into January and I already have 6 squares done.  Granted some of them need a little work to fix.  Working with such small pieces is quite difficult.  I’m excited to be working on this quilt and am excited to see how it turns out.  Only a few more blocks for the month of January.

*update; it’s been 3 weeks and I have 10 squares done.  I would add a picture of my finished squares, but I don’t currently have access to them.  So stay tuned for some pretty FW (farmers wife) quilt squares.


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