Twelve Months


At 12 months C1:

Weight: 21 lb. 11 oz.

Length: 30.5  inches

at 12 months C1 is:

*walking confidently

*size 3 diapers (till we run out, he’ll fit into size 4)

*mix of 9-12 month and 12-18 month clothes

*has 7 teeth

* claps his hands

*thinks he funny

*claps when he’s proud of himself

*enjoys dancing

*loves to cuddle

*loves books

*gives Mommy kisses

Boy-o-boy, how I love this little boy.  He is so well behaved most of the time.  He’s good at playing with his toys so I can get some sewing done.  He’s well behaved at restaurants and makes friends with everyone around him.  A lot of times while in public he has his serious face on, but he also loves to smile and laugh.  He enjoys when other people hold him, but always loves to be with Mommy.  About a week after his birthday he started saying two new letters: “D” and “G”.  I wonder if he’s finally saying “daddy”, or if he’s trying to say “dog”.  He is so good at figuring things out.  He also enjoys music so he can dance; not only does he bounce, but he’ll sometimes twist as well.  While life with C1 isn’t always easy, it sure is a lot of fun to have him in our lives.  He’s good at sharing.  He’ll give you a toy and won’t always take it right back.  I hope he stays this way with his siblings.

{thank you Lindsay for taking such cute pictures of our boy}


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