Sweat Jacket


I found a good deal on this fabric and my first thought was to make some sweat pants for C1, but then I had the idea to make him a jacket.  I used the same pattern as his Rain Coat and sort of made up some of it as I went (like the zipper part).  I’ve never worked with this type of material and it was an adventure.  This is suppose to be 18 month size.  I also added a whale patch that I think I took from my Mom’s stash.   I also added a bottom cuff so the bottom of the jacket wouldn’t flare out.

Things I don’t like how it turned out:

*it’s way too big we’ll see when it does fit him, right now it’s a dress.

*the hood is loose

*the neck is very open and no way to close the gap

*my zipper is crooked

*I had to add cuffs to the sleeves to make them longer to match the rest of the size of the jacket

*I wish I had my new serger to make this to help with the edges (like in the hood).



While there are a lot of things wrong with this little jacket, I’ll still have C1 wear it (once it fits him).  I made it for him, by darn he’s going to wear it.


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  1. I know you think the jacket is wrong in different areas but I think it looks awesome! I haven’t had the chance to make JC any clothes but I would love to try. You do such a great job on all you make. Some ideas might be adding a shoe string and casing for the hood; eye hook for the neck; or take the jacket and make your own pattern out of it cutting the hood smaller in places and neck. Either way I think you are an amazing and awesome sewer! You go girl! 😉

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