30’s Snowball Quilt


This might be cheating to count as one of my 5 quilts for 2012, because I had it all but quilted and bound by the new year.  This past summer I decided I wanted to copy a quilt pattern that my Mom was working on, but I wanted to do it for children.  I really loved how she used 30’s fabrics (her’s were in more pastel colors), so I went shopping and found some 30’s prints in some bright colors and decided to go with a muslin instead of a white.  Since it’s for the kiddos I decided a twin size would be big enough.

More recently I decided since C1’s birthday party theme is bright colors, I would use this quilt for his 1 year old pictures, and then give it to him for his birthday.  I had a lot cut this summer, but didn’t really start sewing it together until November (Thanksgiving break).  Pushing to get it done before the new year, but didn’t quite finish by the deadline.  As I put this quilt together, I found it a TON easier to baste a twin size quilt than it is to baste a queen size quilt.  It fits on my floor so much easier.   For the quilting I thought of going with a stipple, but thought with all the seams something really simple would be better.  I decided to do line rows with a loop de loo in the middle of each square.  My quilting needs a lot of work, but I’d say I’m getting better.  I really haven’t done a ton of free motion quilting, so this was good practice.  Some loops look great, but others are very sloppy.  I only broke 4 needles while quilting this thing.  I’m not sure why they broke and it was frustrating, but I got it done.

I got this thing quilted and bound in a few day and it was ready for pictures.  I love it and am impressed with myself every time I look at it.  It looks like a lot of work, but it was easier than you might think.  I love how it turned out.


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