Rad Shirt


I bought this fabric over the Thanksgiving break, while we were in Boise (it was a impulse buy, but it’s super cute).  I quickly decided that I wanted to make a shirt for C1 out of it.  Not having enough time on our trip to finish it, and knowing that I was going back; I cut the shirt out and left it at my Mom’s house.  I wanted the shirt to fit for a while, so I cut it out in 3T size.

However, for Christmas, we open gifts, and here I see this shirt.  My Mom had finished making it for me and sent it to us as a gift!  Thanks Mom!  I need to leave projects at your house more often.  I love how this shirt turned out, it looks SO great.  I forgot to leave the directions on how to assemble it, but my amazing Mom (who made a lot of our clothes as kids), was able to whip it right up.  I look forward to the day when it will fit C1 and how rad he’ll look in it.


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