No More Formula


C1 has been on formula and it’s was getting expensive, so I very much looked forward to the day when we could switch him to cows milk.  We purchased our last canister of formula, and ran out before we expected to.  This boy can drink.  We decided instead of buying another can, we would go ahead and switch him a few weeks early.  We did it gradually.  We would add 4 oz. of formula and only 2 oz. of milk for a while.  Then we stared mixing only 2 oz. of formula and 4 oz. of milk.  Until we were able to do all 6 oz. in whole milk.  I guess some kids don’t like the switch, but C1 didn’t seem to even notice he was getting anything different.  He guzzled it right on down.    However, he’s gone through an entire gallon of milk in a week and a half!  I’m so glad that milk is only $2-3; and not the $20 we were spending on a container of formula. My little boy is growing up.


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  1. Hey J. JC went from formula to cows milk the day after his birthday (we too amazingly ran out of formula the night of his birthday so the next morning he had to go on the cows and he did great). He doesn’t miss a meal! 😉 I’m glad all is going well and I enjoy reading and keeping up with your family. I hope you had a great New Year with many memories to come! 😉

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