Nothing New


A friend of mine did this, for an entire year, but we’re going to take it one month at a time.  The goal is to buy nothing new.  Only spend money on things  you need: groceries (no eating out), bills, and gas for the car.  So many times I walk around Target looking for something to buy.  I don’t need it, and I didn’t even know I wanted it until I found it at the store.  Usually I find things that are on clearance, but still, it’s money I wasn’t planning on spending in the first place.  I also do this at the fabric store.  I have more fabric than I have need of right now, and I’d like to work on using up what I have.  I think Hubby is on board with this at least for a month, but I’m hoping we do well

The past few weeks we knew we were going to be doing this in January, so we would buy things just because we knew once January came, we wouldn’t be able to.  Good thing I’ve already purchased birthday gifts for C1.  I will make an exception of a car seat if we decide to upgrade sooner than later.  I think some of the rules of the game are that if I want something, I can buy it at a thrift store.  Which will be good, because I don’t get to the thrift store that often, so I won’t be tempted to just go and spend money.  When I go grocery shopping, I only get what’s on my list.  I impulse buy all too often.  For only a month I’ll do no buying fabric, but if we are able to continue on, then I’ll set  myself a small budget for fabric or supplies. I don’t know how this would fit in, but we’ve already scheduled 1 year old pictures for C1, and that’s spending money, but it’s not on stuff, it’s pictures.

Not only am I doing this to help us save money, but we (I) keep buying things that we just don’t need and it’s crowding up our house and we end up giving it away anyways.  Less stuff, more money to go and do fun things.    Wish me luck.


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