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First Birhtday Take 2


While visiting my Mom we wanted to celebrate C1’s birthday with my side of the family.  My brother and his family came over as well as my Aunt and Uncle.  We knew it would be a nice small party, so it was hard for me to get into my party mood.  Until 3 hours before the party was to start I didn’t know whether to make cupcakes or cookies.  Then it hit me to use balloons and make them look like ice cream in a cone.  (*I’ve searched the site and can’t find the post for this idea, but here is my PIN on Pintrest).

I decided an Ice Cream Party would be perfect.  We did a few balloons with the paper cone on them.  Baked cupcakes in a ice cream cone, had spare cones for actual ice cream.  I also cut out ice cream from paper and a cone to play pin the ice cream on the cone.  If I had done invites it would say “I scream You scream we all scream for C1”.  Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of anything except my boy and his cousins helping him blow out the candle.

Nice and small and simple.  Also all done in 3 hours; including going to the store to get all the supplies and baking the cupcakes.

Snowman Wall Quilt


This last snowman week project is a wonderful wall quilt.  My Mom has a spot in her dining room where she hangs each months quilt.  If you look close on the background you could see the snowflakes quilted in.

Hope you enjoyed this week of snowmen and it has sparked some ideas of how to decorate your house for the month of January.

Snowman Coasters


One of my Mom’s newest snowmen are these coasters.  The darker one with 4 snowmen is actually a candle coaster.  The smaller ones are mug coasters.  A simple project and great for on the road or relaxing in the evening.  The coaster pattern came from Rivertown Warehouse and can be found HERE.  They also have a bunch of other great felt projects, go check them out.


Felt in white, red and orange

Blue DMC thread

Step 1: Cut out two of the large circles in white

Step 2: cut two of the smaller circle in red

Step 3: cut one orange oval

Step 4: Blanket stitch the cheeks and nose onto one of the two white circles

Step 5: Straight stitch on the mouth and star stitch in the eyes

Step 6: Place the second white circle onto the back of your face and blanket stitch around the edge

Ta Da, you’re done. *to print the pattern pieces, click on the photo and print the page.

Snowman Wreath : tutorial


I’ve been seeing a ton of wreaths out in blog land and on pintrest.  My Mom has had this for years, and I haven’t seen it on the internet, so I’ve created a tutorial for you on how to make your own.  Complete with pattern pieces.



foam core board





newspaper or grocery sacks (something to stuff the mittens with)


Step 1:

Cut the foam core board in a circle.  Larger than the center of your wreath, but smaller than the outside.  We used floral wire to attach the foam board to the wreath, but you could also use yarn, or even glue it on.

Step 2:

Cut out your pattern pieces onto your choice of color foam.  As you can see we used black for the hat and eyes and orange for the nose.  We drew a few lines on the carrot nose to make it look more like a carrot and added some ribbon across the hat.

Step 3:

Glue all your pieces onto the foam board to make the snowman face.  Using buttons as the mouth.

Step 4:

Stuff your mittens with anything you’d like.  Batting, grocery sacks, or newspaper.  Adhere them to the wreath; with either wire/yarn or glue.

Step 5:

Tie a bow out of ribbon and attatch it to the wreath as well.


You’re all done!

*click on the patter pieces below and print.  It should be the right size.  If you have issues with it or any questions about the tutorial; leave me a comment or email me.  mycreativepear{at}gmail{dot}com

Snowman Cross Stitch


So, in order to give myself some time to make up some patterns for the upcoming snowman crafts I’m going to show you the amazing talent my Mom has.  She does everything in the crafting world.  She crochets, sews, quits, stamps, scrapbooks, cricut and all it entails, quills, cross stitch, embroidery, paints.  You name it, she does it and does it well.

Here is just a taste of  how good her cross stitching is.  These two cute pictures were done by her, and I’m pretty sure she also painted the frames as well.

Snowman Week


This week I’ll be doing a theme of snowmen.

Since I can remember my Mom had different decorations for every month with each of the holidays.  I was so much fun every month to have decorations out for that holiday.  Well, as we all know some months aren’t obvious with what to decorate with.  January is New Year, but how do you really decorate for a month with New Year.  So, my Mom decided that January was to be decorated with Snowmen.  I love this idea because January is the bottom of winter and when the weather starts to turn around and go uphill toward warmer.  The snowmen melt and along comes February.

Our first round of snowmen is just a fraction of the items she has displayed in her home right now.  The tall detailed snowman with it’s dog.  The mug with a chocolate and graham cracker base.  The “let it snow” candle.

And my favorite is the bear.  My Mom got this as a gift, but I helped expand it’s possibilities.  On the bear’s tummy is a magnet and you can switch what the bear is ‘holding’ each month with it’s magnet.  Not only does my Mom now have one for every holiday, but she has a magnet for an anniversary and birthday too.


Snowman crafts to come, stay tuned!

Toilet Paper


As with most kids I imagine, C1 loves to play and un roll the toilet paper.  Although, I haven’t seen this one…

C1 decided to bite the toilet paper roll, going through several layers.  What a kid.  Maybe we should bring out the potty seat for him and get him warmed up to the idea of potty training.  Step one is to teach him to bring me a diaper when he needs to be changed.