C1 got his first lipstick stain, and I’m lovin’ it!

We let a friend of ours hold C1 during church.  She was sitting behind us, so I didn’t see a lot of what he was doing.  About 15-20 minutes later she hands him back to us, and his eye looks like this…

My first thought was a bruise.  I was worried about what had happened to him.  I didn’t hear him cry ever, so it couldn’t have been a bruise.  I look a little closer and realize it’s lipstick.  This woman rarely wears lipstick, but for Christmas Day she dressed up super nice; she looked good.  But she didn’t realize that wearing lipstick is a bit different when you go to kiss the kiddos.  I hope she wasn’t embarrassed, I thought it was so cute.  We got out a wipe and wiped his face (after snapping a picture of course).  He loves other people and I love that about him.  Here’s to many more kiss stains.


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