Christmas Morning


I woke up before C1, which almost never happens.  I went to work on making breakfast so we could eat  before we open presents.  I made some yummy Dutch Babies; although I used a circle pan, and it didn’t turn out quite right; but still delicious.  By the time I got them in the oven, Hubby and C1 were up and I just wanted to go open presents.  Hubby kept me on track and we had a lovely breakfast together before going into the living room for gifts.

I got to play Santa; where I moved all of our decor from the dining room to our living room and set everything up nice.  I traded Hubby’s stocking stuffers out for a bag of coal.  He got his real loot later.  (1, 2 & 4 oz. ladles).  I hid his big present (a professional kitchen aid mixer) inside our ottoman.  We had quite the spread of gifts.  We only bought each other 2 gifts, so our spread looked really good.  However when we walked into the living room, apparently Santa really did come to our house.  There was an extra box; a big one; with my name on it!

We video recorded C1 opening presents from Grandparents.  He didn’t get it this year.  He wasn’t excited about presents and he didn’t ever figure out how to open them.  He liked what was inside though.  Like most kids we couldn’t get the toys out of it’s packaging fast enough for him to play with it.

Santa was good to us this year.  Daddy got his Kitchen Aid, and Mommy got her Serger.  And C1 got lots of cool toys.


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