Christmas is Here


This will be our second Christmas on our own.  Last year I was too pregnant to go anywhere; this year, it will be fun to have an almost 1 year old to tear open presents with.   Although, I don’t know that he really knows that Christmas is exciting and that all the presents are taunting.  We’re keeping things SUPER simple around here.  Hubby and I only got each other 2 or so gifts and well, I only purchased C1 one present.  Grandparents are proving the rest; and quite frankly, we have a great collection of gifts and we don’t really need/want a whole lot around here.  It snowed the other day, but was gone by the next day.  This fall/winter has been pretty mild so far and I’m loving it.  It’s not too cold to walk around town, which has been great.

Our Christmas tree is ironic.  I found this in the trash last year.  It was new in the box fully wrapped still.  It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  It’s ironic because Charlie Brown got the small tree because it was the only real one left; this one is a fake tree.   For now it’s what we get.

This is what our gift pile looked like a few weeks ago.  Most of these presents are ones I sent out to our families.  Oh, and the colorful ones in the back that don’t look like Christmas wrapping, that’s C1’s birthday present.  In buying him gifts I almost forgot to save some for his birthday.  He will be getting 1 toy for his birthday.  The other is pjs, and a toilet seat (we’re going to start talking about the potty and how to use it, in hopes that by the time he’s 2, or before, he’ll be potty trained).

Our plan for Christmas day?  Well, on Christmas eve I’m going to move all the gifts to the living room; so we can all go in together and open on the comfy couch.  But before we do gifts I’m going to make Dutch Babies for Breakfast.  We may end up eating as we open gifts.  Then we have an hour of church and then I’m sure we’ll skype with Grandparents.

I’m so excited for Christmas.


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