Christmas Table topper


In June I took some fabric from my Mother & Sister in law’s stash.  My SIL had some cute red and white fabric that she had already cut into 4″ squares.  She had either forgotten what she wanted to do with it or no longer wanted to do that project.  So I took it home and said I would make something out of it.  It’s been on the way back burner ever since this summer; until I needed more stuffing for the box to send Christmas presents in.  So in 2-3 days I whipped this up, making it up as I went along.  I didn’t wrap this, but I did send it to my SIL since it was her fabric.  I provided the back fabric and batting and of course the time putting it together.  I decided stippling it would be quickest, I’ve learned that I need a lot of practice still on stippling, it didn’t turn out well, but well enough to ship it off.

Here is the topper I made for myself.  It’s not yet quilted or bound; we’ll see if I can do that before Christmas is actually here.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.



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