Recently we had almost our whole house repainted.  We went with very similar colors, but softer more relaxing and calming.  With painting, I decided we needed to put a lot of our stuff in a storage unit since most of it we don’t use anyway.  So, I moved a ton of things to storage, the house got a fresh coat of paint and I re-hung all our pictures.  Our place feels so much better!  It feels as though we’ve moved without actually moving.  I love the paint, and I love having space in my closets (instead of being packed full of storage stuff).  I again rearranged the living room and moved a rug from our bedroom to the living room.  It feels so much nicer now.  And since that’s where C1 plays most the time, he now has a carpet to play on.  We also added these hooks by the front door for Hubby to hang his hats, so they don’t get squashed.  I love having a place to keep the diaper bag too.  Redoing things a bit also allowed room for my party hutch in the dining room.


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