So this is Christmas


This year in keeping the decor simple I only pulled a few things out of storage to decorate with.  Well, I really only pulled one and the wrapping paper.  This pillow I made two years ago.  I really quite like how it turned out.  Simple patch work around the border and applique words in the middle; made into a pocket pillow.

This Nativity was made just this year (I know, I have 3-4 nativity sets in storage, but I didn’t want to dig them out).  My Step-Dad is building an office in his garage and had a wheelbarrow full of scrap wood.  Oh, the possibilities I could do with that “trash’.  The only thing I could think to put on these was Christmas, because it’s the season.  I first sanded the corners and edges to be more rounded.  I then painted the wood an off white.  I was going to cut the family out of vinyl, but I didn’t have enough and I’m to cheep to go buy some, so I used black paper and cut it out on the cricut using one of their Christmas cartridges.  I had to play with the sizing just a bit to get them to fit just right on the wood.  I love adding in that star, it makes the difference in the final product.  I then covered the top of the wood with modge podge, placed the paper pieces on and coated it again with modge podge.  I had to work out a few wrinkles; and if you look close, Mary still has some wrinkles I didn’t quite get worked out; but from afar you can’t see the mistakes.

We then have our tree, and our present table and that’s all our Christmas decor this year.  I look forward to a bigger house with a mantel or something to decorate every month for the holidays.



Oh, and my Sister-in-law made me this wreath that I LOVE!  It’s staying on the door all year round.


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