Tie Chair High Chair


My MIL sent me this Tie Chair to try out with C1.  The idea is you put the pillow case part onto the back of a chair and tie it tight; then it has a strap to go between your child’s legs and then tie that in the back of the chair.  It’s an easy portable high chair.  So for when we’ve been out to friend’s for dinner, I’ve forgotten it every time.

We’ve tried it at home a few times and the first time it worked great.  I think he enjoyed sitting on the big chair too.  However the second time we used it I don’t know that I tied him down tight enough; I went int the kitchen to get his food, turn around and he’s standing up on the chair.  Oops.  We’ll try it some more, but he likes his high chair and it’s working just fine.

It’s nice though because it folds up super small and flat, so I can easily fit it in my diaper bag and take with us when we go out.  I just need to remember to put it in!  I bet this wouldn’t be to hard to make either.


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