C1’s first drawing


I’ve given C1 a pen before, but the first thing he did was stick it in his mouth.  I’ve tried showing him how to use a pen before, but he just didn’t get it.  I was writing out my to do list and lists of things I wanted to blog about and C1 kept taking my pen.  He started making marks on my lists.  I quickly turned to a fresh page; I wouldn’t want him to ruin my lists and if it was his first drawing, then I didn’t want to display my lists with his drawing.  So with a fresh page and pen in C1’s hand he started making marks on the page.  I was so proud.  Some of his lines were slow and deliberate; some were quick dashes.  He always would grab the pen with his right hand, and the one time he had it in his left, he switched it back to his right.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to be right handed.  Maybe he’ll become a good artist and can draw things for me to applique.  I don’t draw well, but I wish I could.


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