Eleven Months


At 11 months C1 is:

Weight: 22 pounds

Length: 31 inches

at 11 months C1:

*walks all by himself

*started getting more teeth


*says “mamama”

*almost says “bababa”

* loves to put toys in and dump them out again

*loves bath time

*size 9-12 month clothes

*size 3 diapers

*flew for the second time

*loves all people

*knows how to go down stairs, get off couch etc. feet first

C1 loves to pull out all his toys and all our movies and spreads them throughout the house.  Every night I pick them up, but once he’s up in the morning, so are all the toys.  C1 is such a happy baby.  He laughs at everything.  I give him a kiss and he thinks it’s funny.  He helps me to laugh more often.  He’s also loving our dog more and more.  He’ll climb on top of her and hug her face.  The dog doesn’t always like it, but she’s very patient with him most of the time.  We continually get comments on how cute he is, or how blue his eyes are.  We defiantly need to have more kids, to help beautify the world.  🙂  I’m such a lucky girl to have such a great son as C1.


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