Christkindle Market


While living in Chicago, I’d hear people say they went to the Christkindle Market, but for some reason never made time to go.  This year we made the time.  It’s a little market with amazing ornaments and carvings from Germany and other European countries.  They also have a pickle ornament that is a German tradition.

The tradition is that the parents hide the pickle ornament on the tree on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas morning; who ever is the first to find the pickle gets an extra gift.  I guess it could be similar to the Elf on the Shelf; where the kids get to go find it.

I was excited the one day it has snowed here in Chicago, but quite frankly, I’m WAY grateful that this winter has been relatively warm this year.  We are now at freezing temperatures, but at least we’re not below freezing, like we usually are this time of year.

I’ve been trying to tell C1 the story of Christmas, but I don’t know that he gets any of it.  He’ll learn eventually.


Merry Christmas


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