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C1 got his first lipstick stain, and I’m lovin’ it!

We let a friend of ours hold C1 during church.  She was sitting behind us, so I didn’t see a lot of what he was doing.  About 15-20 minutes later she hands him back to us, and his eye looks like this…

My first thought was a bruise.  I was worried about what had happened to him.  I didn’t hear him cry ever, so it couldn’t have been a bruise.  I look a little closer and realize it’s lipstick.  This woman rarely wears lipstick, but for Christmas Day she dressed up super nice; she looked good.  But she didn’t realize that wearing lipstick is a bit different when you go to kiss the kiddos.  I hope she wasn’t embarrassed, I thought it was so cute.  We got out a wipe and wiped his face (after snapping a picture of course).  He loves other people and I love that about him.  Here’s to many more kiss stains.

December Review


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Oh ya, C1 now knows how to clap his hands.  I’m always so proud of him when he develops a new skill; and think it’s the cutest thing in the world every time he does it.  I still love watching him walk, it’s not a new skill any more, but I’m still proud.

Our bags


My Mom made me a reusable grocery bag for Christmas as well as some reusable produce sacks.  I’m excited to use them when I walk to our local produce store (I just have to remember to bring them).  Having not put them away just yet, C1 decided he really liked them too, and had so much fun playing with them all day long.  The bigger one he uses to carry around his toys.

Love my little model.  *Mom, looks like for C1’s birthday you should make him a bag to carry around and put his findings in.  He seems to love it.

Christmas Morning


I woke up before C1, which almost never happens.  I went to work on making breakfast so we could eat  before we open presents.  I made some yummy Dutch Babies; although I used a circle pan, and it didn’t turn out quite right; but still delicious.  By the time I got them in the oven, Hubby and C1 were up and I just wanted to go open presents.  Hubby kept me on track and we had a lovely breakfast together before going into the living room for gifts.

I got to play Santa; where I moved all of our decor from the dining room to our living room and set everything up nice.  I traded Hubby’s stocking stuffers out for a bag of coal.  He got his real loot later.  (1, 2 & 4 oz. ladles).  I hid his big present (a professional kitchen aid mixer) inside our ottoman.  We had quite the spread of gifts.  We only bought each other 2 gifts, so our spread looked really good.  However when we walked into the living room, apparently Santa really did come to our house.  There was an extra box; a big one; with my name on it!

We video recorded C1 opening presents from Grandparents.  He didn’t get it this year.  He wasn’t excited about presents and he didn’t ever figure out how to open them.  He liked what was inside though.  Like most kids we couldn’t get the toys out of it’s packaging fast enough for him to play with it.

Santa was good to us this year.  Daddy got his Kitchen Aid, and Mommy got her Serger.  And C1 got lots of cool toys.

Sky Deck


When I bought tickets for Hubby’s Birthday for Blue Man Group, the coupon I used gave us free tickets to the Sky Deck (Willis Tower/Sears Tower).  We’ve wanted to go up there but at $15 a person, didn’t want to pay the price.  We finally made time to  go; we rode the train (CTA) downtown.  We (I) almost got C1 stuck in the fair wheel at one of the stations trying to push the stroller through.

Once we got there we had to wait in a lot of lines to go up elevators.  The first elevator ride was half a minute long.  They crowd as many people in as they can and send you up on your way.  Then you watch a little movie about the Willis Tower.  Then you wait in another line to go up another elevator to the 103 floor where the observation deck is.  It takes about 800 of C1 to be as tall as the Willis Tower.

They put on the building 4 window bays that stick out the side of the building about 4 feet and are pure glass.  This is scary, you walk out onto glass, looking down 103 floors to street level.  We had the people in line behind us take some pictures.  (thank you strangers).

By the time we were done looking out at the city, C1 was ready for another nap, so we headed home.  He was pretty worn out.

Another Crayon Roll


The original plan was to go to Utah for C1’s first birthday, but the cost just kept going up; so we canceled that.  I now had all these crayon roll party favors I didn’t know what to do with, so they turned into Christmas presents.  A friend of mine saw one and liked it, so she went through my stash of fabric and picked some out for me to make her one (for a fee of course).  So I made this beauty for her boy (about 6 months older than C1).  I quite like this fabric combination.