Thanksgiving Day


Both my brothers and their families came to my Mom’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Hubby cooked the turkey, I made a Cesar salad; everybody pitched in and made a little something for the meal.  I got out Mom’s fine china and set the table up nice.  Hubby knew that the bird wouldn’t take very long to cook, but everyone kept telling him to put it in at 10am; even though we were planning on doing dinner around 3pm.  Last year they had a mishap and the bird took a long time to cook and still wasn’t all the way done.  The bird (this year and last) was home grown by my brother.  So we knew exactly where it had come from.

As Hubby suspected, the bird didn’t take but a few hours to cook and it was done by noon.  We didn’t have anything else ready!  So, while the bird cook it’s last 10 degrees, we all jumped in the kitchen and made our thing and helped get everything on the table.  The timing of everything turned out wonderfully; we just ended up eating a few hours earlier than planned.

We had a great meal and enjoyed company of family.  My brothers both live near my Mom, so it’s not that big of a deal for them to get together; I’m the one who lives far away and has to complete the family gatherings.   I love my family.  Sometimes I love that they live far away and sometimes I wish we lived next door.  Happy Thanksgiving.



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