Flying to Grandma’s


This is C1’s second time flying to Grandma’s house.  He does very well on flights.  This time was a little better for me because I had Hubby with me to help out.  He seems to have figured out that drinking helps with take off and landing; not that we’re just forcing him to drink.  He would walk up and down the isle as far as my arm would reach.  People around me didn’t seem to mind him, and C1 made a few friends along the way.  On the flight out, we did have one man in front of us who decided to lean his seat back as far as it could go.  That’s squishy without a lap child, let alone with a squirmy child on my lap.  If he would have kept his seat up, I would have stopped C1 from kicking and banging on the seat, but if he wants to lay in our lap, then I’m going to let my kid knock your seat all he wants.  I’m sorry.

This lady had the same flight and lay over that we did and she took quite a liking to C1.  She was kind enough to read C1 his book while we waited for our continuing flight.  She was a nice lady.

On our way home we had a few people aweing at C1; and the family that sat behind us told us how they were admiring him (a flight full of kids and mine is the one to be oogled over).  They mentioned how they hoped we would sit near them and wanted to hold him.  Once we had taken off and C1 had finished drinking, I passed him back to the strangers behind me and enjoyed my flight home.  They held him until it was time for landing.  It was so nice.  I would turn and watch him interact with these people; he was just loving it up.

I hear stories how people dread children on airplanes, but C1 must be special or magical or something, because people wanted to sit by him and play.  I’m such a luck Mom to have such a good boy.


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